Married men suffering bare bottom shame and sexual humiliation as they're spanked by their own wives! A dominant wife takes no shit, and if her husband misbehaves, down come his trousers and across her lap he goes for a good old-fashioned spanking! Would you suffer the embarrassment of being spanked like a little boy by your own wife?
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"Martha was a stern woman and quite the hard driving taskmaster. Even though she and her husband, Jim, worked at home out of a small office, she ran it like a fortune 500 company headquarters. Discipline was strict. And when Jim slacked off just the slightest or misplaced even something as small as a paper clip, she pounced on him like a tiger. She'd put her own husband across her lap like a little boy, pull down his trousers and spank his bare bottom furiously, scolding him all the time with taunts of "Most husbands don't have to be spanked by their wives, Jim, but you're such a little weasel I'm going to warm your ass three times a day!" And she sure did!..."
"Kathy was tired of her husband Larry walking into the house with his dirty work boots on and mucking up the beautiful clean carpet. So one day, she decided to take matters into her own hands. grabbing her husband by the ear, she threw him across her knee, dropped his pants and began to spank him good and hard. "I bought a new black leather belt today, Larry" she sneered "And I think this would be a good time to break it in!" She started spanking and whipping his bare butt with the belt, even laughing as the tears trickled down his cheeks. "What would your buddies down at the plant think if they could see you now, huh? Being spanked by your own wife like a little boy!" she laughed - even as she continued spanking his burning bare ass again and again with a fiendish delight!..."
wives-spanking-husbands picture
wives-spanking-husbands picture
"Being a married man who gets spanked by his wife was not what George had in mind when he met Frances. She seemed so meek and mild - till they got hitched! Then she became a strict bitch who stripped him naked and spanked him OTK style on the slightest pretense. One day after she caught him looking at gay porn on the internet, she went fucking nuts! "What are you, a fucking cock sucker now?" she screamed "Maybe your mommy didn't spank you hard enough when you were little! I'm going to change that right fucking now!" She laid him across her lap and spanked his ass for what seemed like hours! "N-Noooo!" he cried "I was just curious! P-Please, honey, PLEASSEE!" She just laughed "Wives spanking husbands might be considered a rare thing, George, but not in THIS house you little wimp!" Her husband's poor ass was red and stinging as she punished him with a glee that was shocking..."
"A belt across his naked ass was what this poor husband got from his lovely wife Emma after he accidently spilled her new bottle of perfume in the bathroom. "You clumsy fucking idiot!" she hissed "Get over here and take down your underpants, Miles, I'll have you blubbering I'm sorry soon enough!" This was one married man who regretted marrying a bitch who loved to spank a man at the drop of a hat! She always seemed to find a reason to punish and humiliate him - even going so far as to post an article on her blog about how she regularly spanked her husband and recommended that ALL wives should give their spouses a hard bare-bottom spanking from time to time! Miles was shocked to learn that some of his buddies at work read the blog and teased him all the time calling him "Panty boy" and "Mommy's little man" to his face!...."
wives-spanking-husbands picture
wives-spanking-husbands picture
"Olga was a beautiful blond from Serbia who had a passion for order and discipline. She had been raised by a strict mother who used to spank her father right in front of her, and she had learned from a young age that keeping a male in line is the natural order of the female universe. So when her American husband Jason would do anything wrong, she couldn't wait to bare his bottom and spank him like a naughty child! Again and again she would force him to lower his pants and give him a vicious spanking. Jason wondered if all wives in Serbia got off spanking their husbands, because this bitch sure did! He could actually smell her pussy getting wet and heated as she spanked him over her lap. Afterwards she would make him stand in the corner with his pants at his knees as she disappeared into the bathroom, where he knew she was masturbating from the sexual thrill that spanking her husband gave her!"

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