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"When I caught my little slave girl Vanessa playing with another girl's pussy behind my back, I knew it was time to straighten the naughty thing out. I put her straight across my knee and spanked her bottom savagely with my paddle. It was heart-breaking to hear her wails and tearful pleading for mercy as I paddled her butt good and hard, but it's for her own good. The only pussy she has permission to play with is MINE!..."
retro girls getting spanked picture
retro girls getting spanked picture
"I hired a girl from Denmark to babysit my kids while I was at the beach working on my tan, and when I came home I found she was talking on the telephone - long distance! I promptly stripped her and spanked her bottom with my leather whisk! She cried out so loud that my kids heard from next door, telling my husband that mommy is spanking the babysitter for being bad! Damn right, young girls better learn to behave in my house or they are DEFINITELY going to get spanked!..."
"Here I'm teaching my daughter the proper way to spank the maid. She's from another country so there's no problem with me stripping her naked and spanking her anytime I desire! Sometimes I just like to hear her pleading for me not to shame her so before the rest of the household, but tough shit - those bare buns are going to feel the wrath of my spanking hand and she better damn well like it!..."
retro girls getting spanked picture
retro girls getting spanked picture
"I belong to a women's spanking club and several times a month we get together to give and get spankings from each other. Think it's strange that girls like to spank other girls - NAKED? It's fun! Having a naked girl bent over before you with her delicious shapely bottom bared for your pleasure. Spanking girls is fun and from our waiting list, you'd know that LOTS of other women want to enjoy it too!..."
"Some girls just need to get spanked their whole lives through - from the time they were a little girl across mommy's lap being spanked, to older women who need the discipline of a firm hand across their naked backside. My Aunt taught me the proper way to spank a young girl and here I can be seen putting that advice into practice on this girl's sweet ass. Spanking girls is fun and should be included in one's lifestyle no matter what other's think..."
retro girls getting spanked picture

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